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PNT pentaqu
Bruh i opened first time that wheel and i got vehicle lolo
Comment from : PNT pentaqu

xRainy Cloudsx
Gta doesn’t want me to win the car.........
Rockstar hates me
Can’t blame them though..I kill everyone 😂

Comment from : xRainy Cloudsx

rakib hasan
You can give me some robux
Pls I am poor give me at roblox pls I love your video you are my YouTuber
Ok? Pls help me

Comment from : rakib hasan

Cpt- N3m0
There’s a YouTuber h20 delirious he won like 800k from the machines
Comment from : Cpt- N3m0

Nickolas Beekman
Comment from : Nickolas Beekman

wix wix
I won the bugatti just now!!!omg
Comment from : wix wix

Did i hear billy the hillbilly
Comment from : deathstrike

JG - 05RI - Thorn Lodge PS (1329)
every time I spin I get clothing like I was begging to get the car but I get clothing
Comment from : JG - 05RI - Thorn Lodge PS (1329)

Ashley Singer
Dude funny as hell
Comment from : Ashley Singer

Panda HD
I got the vehicle first spin
Comment from : Panda HD

hush muffin
I won the showcase car
Comment from : hush muffin

Grant Cochran
I just won the car from the wheel literally just 10 minutes ago.
Comment from : Grant Cochran

Here a great advise Garrett, stay away from Vegas or you might just go broke again. xD
Comment from : Califo

Love this content
Comment from : SoGrayish

I won car first try
Comment from : kirkwaring

Martyn Kisley
How you get the jacket can't find it
Comment from : Martyn Kisley

bwci BO
Omg hpw stupid are you
Comment from : bwci BO

Danny Wengler
The update is so fun I won the car from the wheel and have made 40K chips from horse races and blackjack
Comment from : Danny Wengler

Randy Myers
Where's the rest of the Saudi Arabia vlog.
Comment from : Randy Myers

Gino Marquez
Got $30,000 for my first spin
Comment from : Gino Marquez

Gamerz 108
I’m in Vegas rn and yea people losing lots of money
Comment from : Gamerz 108

Da King Kelsey
Hey I got a car on my first spin
Comment from : Da King Kelsey

Deadly_Dung YT
Garret’s drunk voice sounds like Chang
Comment from : Deadly_Dung YT

Jenna Marie
Bro, gta is glitching so much and I got the car that was on display!!
Comment from : Jenna Marie

The servers on ps4 are horrible
Comment from : RICOLIVES116 PS4

Justin Nutt
Do you more GTA online
Comment from : Justin Nutt

Damn Garret's fell off Ross has greatly surpassed him
Comment from : coreyandy5

Bro you’re so funny😂😂 so fun to watch hahahahaha
Comment from : JustcallmeBK

Yo garret dude I spun today and won the car
Comment from : WRATH

Aj Bizz
I played the diamond casino today and spun the wheel and got the car
Comment from : Aj Bizz

Zachary Hanbury
I hade a twitch prime account on the 19th and on the 23 I didn’t get it can you help me
Comment from : Zachary Hanbury

Skyler Mandabach
Comment from : Skyler Mandabach

only thing that pisses me off is it takes for ever to walk around it why cant u run 😠
Comment from : tezz42

Finally ur back up in gta
Comment from : ferm

Comment from : IlIlIlIlIl-x

Eletrix Gamer
I got clothing too 😂
Comment from : Eletrix Gamer

Dom Enderboi
Can u buy a pent house
Comment from : Dom Enderboi

My friend who cant drive got this new car of the wheel spin 1st try!
Comment from : d!mko

Julian Renner
some of those textures and all look so bad tho
Comment from : Julian Renner

KKC Zombie
Is anyone elses gambling addiction satisfied?
Comment from : KKC Zombie

Cesar Ocampo Barraza
You where live
Comment from : Cesar Ocampo Barraza

Arshan the Gamer YT
at the end why odes he sound like chunks no offense
Comment from : Arshan the Gamer YT

Izuku Midoriya
I got the vehicle yesssss
Comment from : Izuku Midoriya

Hey garry i lost your stream because i was sleeping yea this is the best update so far but around 50 countries have been banned from gta roulettes the the other stuff so we cant buy chips i think i found how to fix it i will update you later with a video maybe because we have the same problem in greece
Comment from : TsiG

Amber J
As soon as I got in the casino my internet crashed 😭 lol I hope I see you their Garrett
Comment from : Amber J

Chris Briggs
you CAN still claim the twitch prime loot and get a free master penthouse
Comment from : Chris Briggs

Michele Boyer
Updated @3am stayed up til 545am Got VIP, got 50,000 chips and lost a lil over 10,000 on slot machines LMAO😂😂. Great video Garrett!!
Comment from : Michele Boyer

Chris Torres
I got the new car for free
Comment from : Chris Torres

bro your so funny😂 in all your videos
Comment from : Jasmine1.0

Wayne Thompson
don't go to las vegas ever bro you will be broke in ten minutes
Comment from : Wayne Thompson

Gta v online has become a gambling addiction
Comment from : Drifter03

SpllDestroyer Yt
Jobless garret i watch a cannestia video back from s2 of fortnite and i remember her killing u and sigils just saying
Comment from : SpllDestroyer Yt

Zack Smith
If you play the blackjack smart it's quite easy to make money
Comment from : Zack Smith

Mix Boy23
Can't wait for the next video.
Comment from : Mix Boy23

Rusty Clark
Are you my dad?😱😱😱
Comment from : Rusty Clark

fuse 28
My first subscribed channel love your content
Comment from : fuse 28

How do we make money from the DLC?
Comment from : Adiques

Sk3ll OneShot
Hell yeah
Comment from : Sk3ll OneShot

I won the car and its so good and fast :) i love your content
Comment from : TSR CRYPTIC

Play With Chang
Comment from : SimplyAmazing

Yo sup my mans
Comment from : JRisthename

Prodigy Dash
This seems amazing to bad my ps4 is broken 😭
Comment from : Prodigy Dash

skr mint
The first time I spend the wheel I got A car
Comment from : skr mint

I got the car on my first wheel spin,the second it came out
Comment from : ツSimm3r

Nicky Jeanty
I learned a very valuable lesson today, don't buy the car before spinning the wheel. Although the stock rims are actually black, which I really liked, Xbox controller for the win.
Comment from : Nicky Jeanty

Mc Mouky
Comment from : Mc Mouky

Short Gamerkid
Comment from : Short Gamerkid

skr mint
Mr Chang is in the game
Comment from : skr mint

Hz gamer
Typical gamer is way better then garret
Comment from : Hz gamer

Explorer Elijah
Early Squad who else is here????
Comment from : Explorer Elijah

Dele Ted
Haven’t played in a year been focused on real life😂 think its time i return
Comment from : Dele Ted

Raftaar r
Who misses GTA online streams ;___;
Comment from : Raftaar r

Fire Bird
Bet on the horses you get alot
Comment from : Fire Bird

sami sami
482th haha xD
Comment from : sami sami

Grobler. 66
This update is legit.
Comment from : Grobler. 66

Edward Chapman
You skipped arena war
Comment from : Edward Chapman

Amber’s Vlogs
Love your videos Garret!😊😁😄
Comment from : Amber’s Vlogs

Lil Paramo
Hey your back
Comment from : Lil Paramo

misty ransom
Love your videos so much your so funny and cool
Comment from : misty ransom

Love u Garret ❤️✊🏻
Comment from : TheMan?

misty ransom
Comment from : misty ransom

Rage Elah
Hey first
Comment from : Rage Elah

Good thing I have post notifications on, because now I'm early
Comment from : Panda_trixsters

Kenny Gaming
Comment from : Kenny Gaming

Zeus Acosta
Comment from : Zeus Acosta

Janelle Rubi
love you bunches garrett
Comment from : Janelle Rubi

Hey garryberry 🤗
Comment from : Itszyhere

Matrix Fam
Comment from : Matrix Fam

Mr Bighead 321
Comment from : Mr Bighead 321

Yeicob Madrid
Comment from : Yeicob Madrid

Comment from : Kachibbaa

Brandon Peavy
hey Garry
Comment from : Brandon Peavy

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