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Rajath Menon
Comment from : Rajath Menon

Vincent Lopez
Did that just say 5 to 1000 minute possible gameplay? Holy shit
Comment from : Vincent Lopez

Maybe start showing prices???
Comment from : TBEffect

Pennywise Wadford
In the process of creating my own game.
Comment from : Pennywise Wadford

Mathew Hayner
The hotness list definitely needs to take into consideration the "traffic bias". I'm not sure I could offer a solution for how to better rank what the hottest new games are, but I'd start with idea of 'weight classes'. Heavy-weight games like Gloomhaven, mid-weight games like Horrified, and light-weight games like Letter Jam. This raises the obvious problem of how to restructure a series that I'm sure many viewers have come to enjoy and rely on, and that's no easy task. But to answer your question us yes. The "traffic bias" especially on a forum on boardgamegeek definitely favors complex miniature based games.
Comment from : Mathew Hayner

Just Another Day In the Life
Featherweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight, Super Heavyweight classes
Comment from : Just Another Day In the Life

Önder Kandemir
Chaz mate, looking forward for the next Top 10 hottest board game video! ^^
Comment from : Önder Kandemir

July being april doesn't bother anyone i suppose.
Comment from : CamilleDeveveraux

This list needs to be reimagined. I watch every month but it's always boring because 7 to 9 games are the same ones as last time.

Do a top ten hotness bit limit repeat somehow. Maybe only allow a particular game to make the list once per year, or once period. Or, only allow a repeat game if it actually has something new to announce like an expansion or some big event thats coming like a tournament. If theres nothing new to say, take your executive power and dont mention it.

Comment from : lkjkhfggd

Drew -
It isn't all rules questions. There is simply more discussion going on for games with huge amounts of sprawling content.

In my experience, the games with sprawling content also tend to hit the table a lot more (or for longer) by the people who love them. Players tend to think about them more, etc.

There are a lot of people who love an easy to learn Euro game, but many of these gamers want to learn a new rules set every month. Some have told me that an average game tends to get played 3 times- ever. They look at the price tag on a sprawling content game and say "I could buy X number of other games for that much."

The thing is, if they buy ten games instead of picking up Kingdom Death: Monster (that number is on the conservative end) those ten games will probably be played 1/10th as much. The gamer's excitement will be spread out over the tend different games.

And Hotness should definitely be a measurement of what gamers are excited about.

Comment from : Drew -

Önder Kandemir
Me on 1 august at 0:01 - "Chaz, where's the Top 10 Hottest Board Games of August 2019?"
Comment from : Önder Kandemir

Surely there is a better rating system than number of forum posts.
Comment from : Kumarsalib

Nico Fletcher
the ship minis on outer rim where can i get em??? TELL MEE!!
Comment from : Nico Fletcher

Big Oso
Where can I buy the 7th continent?
Comment from : Big Oso

Jason A
Fantasy Flight. For the love of God. Please add some subtle musical variations to the app. After playing the game, I have the same slightly irritated feeling I have after falling asleep while leaving a DVD movie menu (with music) on a continuous loop.
Comment from : Jason A

Big L
Wish some of these werent so expensive
Comment from : Big L

Jose Jasso
Love the animation
Comment from : Jose Jasso

Gerhard vd Watt
<throws wallet at screen> Just take my money! Take it all damn you!
Comment from : Gerhard vd Watt

The hotness definitely has a bias to games with badly written rulebooks.
Comment from : Blister77

Loved this video! Is it possible to display the game weight along with the rating and other info for each spot? that’s a major determining factor on the games I buy
Comment from : JKT84

Noel Dillabough
Pretty soon you won't have to show the list, there'll be 10 big mega kickstarters permanently in place lol
Comment from : Noel Dillabough

Tawin K
Outer Rim doesn't actually come with minis right?
Comment from : Tawin K

Set a watch was a Kickstarter game i missed but bought from the developer. It looks like alot of strategic decisions with a minimum amount off components in 1-1.5 hours playtime. Perfect for me.
Comment from : Goratchthemule

Jeffrey Sbonik
Games with large content have an unfair advantage .
Comment from : Jeffrey Sbonik

The way he says "Imhotep" makes it apparent he didn't grow up with the 1999 The Mummy movie....
Comment from : quibily

Rob Salters
Yes, people look these larger games up a lot.
Comment from : Rob Salters

Samuel Lehouiller
Outer Rim is the bomb guys definitely a top notch game!
Comment from : Samuel Lehouiller

luke brennan
Was all the a words intentional for the description of root? If not that was impressive.
Comment from : luke brennan

andreas holm
I fucking hate Terraforming Mars.... Just had to put it out there.
Comment from : andreas holm

Stanley Blazeraznik
Well done.
Comment from : Stanley Blazeraznik

Daniel Bemis
Gloomhaven is boring. It takes way to long to take turns and complete a scenarios.
Comment from : Daniel Bemis

In my opinion, the Hottness list is fine, AS LONG AS its made clear what it’s tracking. My only gripe with it is that people seem to think it’s about the quality or the popularity of the games. It’s only about the games with the most traffic. Don’t portray the list as something different, and take it for what it’s worth: games that are creating a buzz, without any specific reason why.
Comment from : wmreed

J.R. Calvin
I'm still in the minority of players who utterly despises Gloomhaven. Maybe it's because my copy arrived damaged and unplayable and I had to wait 15 months for a replacement to be sent to me. When the replacement finally arrived, I had it on eBay in under 5 minutes.
Comment from : J.R. Calvin

Valenchtine Rule
for me dc deck builder it's fun and challenging ehhehe
Comment from : Valenchtine Rule

I think having a hotness for < 2.5/5 and >2.5/5 complexity would make these lists more interesting month to month.
Comment from : DedCove

Jared Kaping
There should be a bias to traffic on BGG in my opinion. I think kickstarter games have a huge advantage to others as their followers are constantly looking things up, theory crafting, and questioning games that havent even been played by the general public.
Comment from : Jared Kaping

Preston Rickwood
My intuition is that I'd be happier with a list ordered by number of plays rather than by web traffic, but perhaps that would result in even less movement on the chart.
Comment from : Preston Rickwood

Can we please STOP adding games to this list that are Kickstarters and NOT AVAILABLE any longer (ie: 7th continent).. and the #1 game is not shipping any more copies until 2020!!! Then there is Wingspan.. also out of print and hard to find...... Makes those of us who want to buy these games feel like idiots.... why bother to want a game to play when you can not get a copy for less than 10x "retail". Oh...
Comment from : pesto12601

Rico Cordova
I never really thought about what was used to build the hotness list. I assumed it was something to do with views and/or activity. This just means that a decently hyped game, with a poor rule book ( cough cough Vindication) is going to garner a lot of "hotness". That's a shame. :*(
Comment from : Rico Cordova

Valid point on the 'epic game bias' for the hotness list; maybe there needs to be a separate list for games that take more than 1 session to play?
Comment from : void_Presence

You’re the man, Chaz. Keep up the great work. I don’t know about the hotness list but I think the rating a person gives for a game should carry more weight the more times they’ve played it. And a rating from someone who has never played the game should carry Zero weight.
Comment from : FailroadExpress

Michael Ehrhardt
I love the series but I think my favorite parts of these have to be when Chaz has a game that hasn't been mentioned on multiple top 10s. Have you thought about doing something similar to what you did with Imhotep? Mentioning more games you're excited for, or maybe more games that made an appearance on the top 10 but didn't stick around? I'd like to hear more from the series than the same 8-9 game descriptions.
Comment from : Michael Ehrhardt

7th continent.. the #1 game that you CAN'T BUY... LOL... what a joke these "games" have become....
Comment from : pesto12601

Jonas Mustonen
I think there is unfair bias towards heavier games in general.
Comment from : Jonas Mustonen

Blake Ellertson
I think the legacy games should be put into a separate list. For a guy who doesn’t play them, it’s just taking up space on these videos.
Comment from : Blake Ellertson

Paulo Wagner
Yes, I do. Huge games such as Gloomhaven have a big advantage as they generate a huge amount of questions. They are indeed good fantastic games, but may not be the only good games out there.
Comment from : Paulo Wagner

Pedro Cadejos
Im so mad About Wingspan,i cant buy a copy because is out of stock everywhere :I
Comment from : Pedro Cadejos

Timothor, God of Punder
I'm very unlikely to ever buy a game requiring a companion app, as the game will become unplayable in the eventual inevitable demise of the app.
Comment from : Timothor, God of Punder

Sean Morgan
It does seem to give a bias to games that are obviously not completely ironed out before release, if questions need to be asked, If they took this out it would make for a more interesting top ten
Comment from : Sean Morgan

Alex L
middara is a really nice game. and it still on ks!
Comment from : Alex L

Brian Cunningham
I was so pleasantly surprised with how much fun Outer Rim is.
Comment from : Brian Cunningham

Chris Taggart
Yes. Those games get an unfair advantage in my opinion
Comment from : Chris Taggart

Comment from : Dope

Giff Ricarte
1:52 -- "FAQ" >,< took me a while to decipher that. hehe.. i'm used to hearing it read as by letter, as in eff-ey-kyoo, rather than as a syllable. >,< nonetheless, great vid! keep 'em coming!
Comment from : Giff Ricarte

Jason Kossowan
Hells yes, click-bias seems to be a thing in the ranking and complexity seems to tilt. Would be interesting to see a statement from Aldie on this.
Comment from : Jason Kossowan

Dennis Antle
Ha !! Just played Imhotep like a week ago ! Love that game !
Comment from : Dennis Antle

Francesco Spuntarelli
Minis games are unfair with no minis games for they win on the spot.... ok ornitologists or what's the right term in English (my t9 says my English is loose on interpretation ) play your cards vs a jughi-oh hand for jujo has become too complicated but minis make the difference.... Stonemaier games without the fame they got throughout Scythe base minis wont have sold a copy of Wingspan
Comment from : Francesco Spuntarelli

Frank Minogue
Chaz, you are the absolute best! I love your descriptions!!!
Comment from : Frank Minogue

Trent Dougan
Good point Chaz. What determines "hotness" on BGG?
Comment from : Trent Dougan

Peter Mogensen
Yeah.... all those miniature infested big boxes leave me cold.
Comment from : Peter Mogensen

Board of Uncle Tay
Nicr video, keep up you good work. Hi from Ukraine
Comment from : Board of Uncle Tay

khristien Pennanen
I want 7th continent so bad
Comment from : khristien Pennanen

My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food
Joan of Arc looks like it's going to change the board game scene forever... Minis that animate and move around? I'm surprised this isn't creating more of a buzz.
Comment from : My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food

Donna B
Thank you for pronouncing denizen correctly this time.
Comment from : Donna B

rey arteb
If a game is only available on kickstarter, then it hasnt been released (as its in development)
company's abusing kickstarter like its an exclusive elite storefront should not be rewarded (i.e. having a 2nd kick starter print run instead of releasing it to the wild)
why can a publisher, who has funds to "kickstart" their own IPs, be allowed to abuse this system?

Comment from : rey arteb

Solodukhin Vladimir
No Harry Potter game(
Comment from : Solodukhin Vladimir

I'm clearly out of the mainstream. Only one game on this list is at all appealing for us-- Wingspan, which still seems to be available only at scalper prices. I won't be buying that one until the shortage abates and the street price drops. And I don't know if there's a bias in favor of heavy games, but that's largely what rules most of them out here. And I'm REALLY skeptical of Kickstarter games, which seem to have a serious problem with insufficient playtesting and over hyped campaigns. Plus, that ridiculously overproduced 3D animation for Joan of Arc just makes me think-- is that game really that bad that they're desperate to spend that money on leading-edge hype instead of actual game content?
Comment from : Syncopator

Cowabunga! Kevin's cruelly cunning, crafty corruption of Caz's communication caused a cannonade of cachinnation!

[Dang, Kevin, all I took was your Nanaimo bar -- Chaz ate the whole sandwich!]

Comment from : M M

Ian MacLeish
Agree: Clarification questions are not a good metric for how popular a game is.
Comment from : Ian MacLeish

Gábor Balogh
When a lot of people ask questions about a game it means that a lot of people are playing that game and are quite immersed in it. That deserves it's place on the list.
Comment from : Gábor Balogh

Watch It Played
These never disappoint. Great work Chaz!
Comment from : Watch It Played

Comment from : shanerion

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