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#10 @ 1:23 - Sorry
#9 @ 2:03 - Chutes & Ladders
#8 @ 2:40 - Risk
#7 @ 3:11 - The Game of Life
#6 @ 3:50 - Clue
#5 @ 4:34 - Trivial Pursuit
#4 @ 5:28 - Monopoly
#3 @ 6:14 - Scrabble
#2 @ 6:51 - Checkers
#1 @ 7:37 - Chess

Comment from : 3nertia

guy l
It would be interesting if there was a life or monopoly game that had a shtf theme to it
Comment from : guy l

David Watts
I picked up some board games that are classics but they are for travel. Check out the grab and go ones like monopoly, connect 4, and yahtzee. They are in my stuck at work bag
Comment from : David Watts

During the most recent power outage my girlfriend and I played a bunch of cribbage. I love cribbage!
Comment from : photoboy154

Fauzia Zaidi
scotland yard is better than clue
Comment from : Fauzia Zaidi

Mr D
Take a look at gravity lights.
Nights can be long... very long.

Nine Man Morris (i hope the translation is right)
Mensch ärgere dich nicht (i didn`t even find a proper translation for this).

Comment from : Mr D

Ricardo Milos
Where’s Scotland yard?
Comment from : Ricardo Milos

Being a techgeek who plays Settlers of Catan describes at least 70% of the people I've met in Seattle. =p
Comment from : Tokorai

Robert Michelon
Comment from : Robert Michelon

Donald Raver
Good video. However with Pandemic, although I have never played it just doesn't seem be good for power outages and when the fecal matter hits the oscillating cooling device type situations just the name alone. Good idea and helps people get thinking about good things
Comment from : Donald Raver

Tenderfoot Prepper
Great topic. In our house, it was the card game Nertz, followed closely by Scrabble, Score Four and Rack-O. We also loved Pictionary and Charades.
Comment from : Tenderfoot Prepper

We play the Star Wars version of Monopoly and the Simpson's version of Clue. We also play The Worst-case scenario Board Game. I love Blokus! Yahtzee Texas Hold'em is a lot of fun. We picked all these game up at the thrift stores.
Comment from : Syvs

Jesse Sisolack
It is a great idea for the prepper who already has all the normal preps. I too have a mini chess board in my bag as well as a set of cards. I do not have anyone to play board games with though, and only played checkers with my mother when I was a young boy, so I do not have the same experience with them that you do, but a good idea never the less.
Comment from : Jesse Sisolack

Maurício Schneider
From the US DHS, December 2018 ( www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/NIAC%20Catastrophic%20Power%20Outage%20Study_508%20FINAL.pdf):
"The risk posed by a catastrophic power outage, however, is not simply a bigger, stronger storm. It is something that could paralyze entire regions, with grave implications for the nation’s economic and social well-being. The NIAC was tasked to examine the nation’s ability to withstand a catastrophic power outage of a magnitude beyond modern experience, exceeding prior events in severity, scale, duration, and consequence.
This profound threat requires a new national focus."

Comment from : Maurício Schneider

Garage Kitchen of Science
Comment from : Garage Kitchen of Science

hambo 11
Du kannst mal an d1 kleinen Zipfel rumspielen du spasti
Comment from : hambo 11

James Simons
I would add a pack of cards and even Uno. I even keep a pack of cards in my EDCs
Comment from : James Simons

Connie Samuelson
Backgammon is part of my EDC. I like your top ten especially Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.

Thanks for another excellent video!

Comment from : Connie Samuelson

Kaylynn Strain
Stratego is one of my favorites, if you haven't played it you should try it. Battleship is also another favorite. we also played Candy Land and Trouble
Comment from : Kaylynn Strain

Eat Carbs Outdoors
Good choices.. I think adding a deck of cards would be good as well since you can play a lot of different games with it.
Thanks for the video

Comment from : Eat Carbs Outdoors

New board games have taken over, no need for these old games, they are luck only garbage for the most part. Thousands of new boardgames come out every year. Search The Dice Tower here on YouTube and Boardgamegeek.com for all info. Pandemic and Ticket to Ride is a good start for new stuff..and something that's not terrible like Risk has 10 amazing replacements. Oh, and Monopoly is extremely frowned upon, new designs are far superior.
Comment from : Uniform13

Mad Libs! Not a board game, but you can play with all ages and only the reader needs a light.
Comment from : TheDenisedrake

Excellent info! I prefer card games since they are easier to play in a vehicle or tent etc. I have three partial decks of cards to play war and Crazy 8s. These two games can be played with literally ALL AGES. We also like Rummy and Kings Corners for older kids and complete decks.
Comment from : TheDenisedrake

Prepared UK
Thanks Cliff!!
Comment from : Prepared UK

Prepper Potpourri
I never seem to win playing Pandemic which I guess makes it pretty realistic :)
Comment from : Prepper Potpourri

Dutch Courage
Geesh, i know all the games you just listed, just not under those specific names, and i played all of them at one time or moment in my life (and we probably have all of those ;D )... fun thing, think the top 2 in my family would probably be 'card games' and Yatzee ;D … 3nd place likely scrabble, 4e sorry, 5e chute and ladders (also taking kids into consideration), 6e clue, 7e monopoly, 8e game of life, 9e checkers, 10e chess (these so low because they tend to be 2 person games); we have risk but hardly ever play it, and we may not have a trivial pursuit, mainly because family has it and we tend to play it in teams of 2 with extended family, thus we may not have a version of it … think if we add modern games to the mix, chess/checkers would have to share 10th place, not because they aren't great games, but because of the 2 person thing.
Comment from : Dutch Courage

Dutch Courage
The game of life, how the Bilderberg group builds up resources and has you distracted with 'trivial' things while they play their Risk, they risk nothing though, thats all upon us as we try to scrabble together a life in the systems they build! See they just keep their monopolies and play checkers with the little fish and chess on a global scale. Though for some reason they have no clue that even for them it's just chutes and ladders, probably because they focus on non-existing things like money and power, instead of the pursuit of truth and knowledge, and then they just die like the rest of us, but unlike us, likely without anyone left to truly be "sorry" about that … ;) …or maybe i am wrong about that and being to harsh, maybe at that point they would wish that all the money in the world would be able to bring their loved one back, which i guess for some of them is even more tragic (seeing they pretty much have that)
Comment from : Dutch Courage

I'd love to see your list of travel games. Mine would include Phase 10 and Scrabble Slam.
Comment from : MurphTX

Mr. Morris
Flash cards. From basic math to home made preps, I'd have flash cards on deck
Comment from : Mr. Morris

I always have a deck of cards and I got glow in the dark dominoes but Yahtzee is my favorite.
Comment from : RacerGirl88

Great video! Brings together my love of preps and board games. Good, brief descriptions of the games. Please do one of your new games as well!
Comment from : Derek

Matthew Wilcox
I think those new board games looked pretty awesome! Never heard of them, but I'd like to check 'em out. I'm not really familiar with any recently created board games
Comment from : Matthew Wilcox

Suzette Calleja
I have read that the Royal family in England are not allowed to play Monopoly for the very reason you mentioned.
Comment from : Suzette Calleja

Mike Harlick
We found for power out/camping a travel connect 4 game was a lot of fun.
Comment from : Mike Harlick

Lone Wolf
You got the bass version of risk, there is a better more classic risk. But this is my favorite board game.
Comment from : Lone Wolf

Daniel Taylor
Are you sure Pandemic is a good idea for an emergency situation? In all seriousness this is an overlooked thing that can really make a power outage a lot less stressful.
Comment from : Daniel Taylor

Troy Mcdonald
I almost forgot charades!
Comment from : Troy Mcdonald

Troy Mcdonald
Crazy 8s’ and/our Umo is our my favorite rainy day game poker for night. Using the same deck you could play literally 1000 games!
I always loved the wheel in “Life “ too!

Comment from : Troy Mcdonald

Andrew Lim
Your game of life looks really weird with those black tiles. Something sinister is going on there.
Comment from : Andrew Lim

played SO much risk back in college. we'd play for hours and hours until about 7:00 am when we had to go to classes, lol.
Comment from : sean

My ex Girlfriend said  why should I play clue again?    when I know it  was col Mustard in the library with the  lead pipe.      : )   (The  majority of Women are smart Just NOT my ex ! )
Comment from : PREPFORIT

Alex Lee
FANTASTIC idea for a video!!
So many videos on guns and gear. This is the stuff you’re going to want! Not that we don’t all like guns and gear...

Comment from : Alex Lee

François Bélanger Boisclair
You should add The Royal Game of Ur. It a two player game and it pretty classical: 2600 BC to 2400 BC! It easy to play.
Comment from : François Bélanger Boisclair

Chris Loew
No offense but LIFE is terrible and takes no skill or enjoyment, Catan is way better
Comment from : Chris Loew

As said by others, two decks of cards are a must have. I like to play patience with my girlfriend. A game takes around 30-45 minutes and is fairly easy to understand. Chess on the other hand.. never got the chance to learn it.

My parents didn't like to play boardgames unfortunately. I was always playing with Lego. I'll play boardgames when I have kids in the future.

Comment from : PropNoise

Penny Parker
On a related subject I like to include a couple of finger puppets in my travel EDC. It works wonders with crying kids on planes, trains and buses. Pull one of those puppets out, give it to the crying kid, and presto! No crying kid anymore.
Comment from : Penny Parker

Nick Knight
Great video. I shared it with a CERT Emergency Communications group I am part of
Comment from : Nick Knight

Comment from : NEWS FOR LIBERTY

Rogue Preparedness
Life is my jam.
Comment from : Rogue Preparedness

John Galt
Of course, you are now on the hook to make videos about the top ten modern board games and card games.
Comment from : John Galt

Prudence 1733
One of my favorite topics!! I’m familiar with all of those games except Pandemic which I’ve now added to my Amazon queue! I’ve stocked up on lots of adult coloring books, color pencils, crossword puzzles, word finds & number fill-ins (and many in travel size for go bags and the vehicle.) I have a waterproof deck of cards in my go bag and this video reminds me that dice would be A great addition (and maybe guide/list for different card games). Also in my queue of prepping items is the Deadly Skills Puzzle and Activity Book by Clint Emerson.
Comment from : Prudence 1733

santiago vindell
What, we in Canada say sorry differently!!!!😮😮 Damn that is really a amazing fact, gosh smart Americans.
Comment from : santiago vindell

That is a great list! We also used to play a board game called Stock Ticker, it’s a stock market simulator based on dice rolls. Games can last hours! (I didn’t play Sorry that much growing up here in Canada.....funny......lol 🇨🇦🏒) Thanks for the video.
Comment from : Torossifamily

City Prepping
guess i need to update our games. we still have all our kid's board games from when they were really young. monopoly is a classic though as it keeps my kids occupied for quite a long time.
Comment from : City Prepping

gene gleeson
Comment from : gene gleeson

jeremy gunkel
My kids (ages 9 and 11) love the junior versions of ticket to ride and settlers of catan.
Comment from : jeremy gunkel

Always been Snakes & Ladders in the U.K. :)
Comment from : 1967AJB

1:02 the lighting makes you look like the head vampire from "The Lost Boys"
Comment from : ZeR0 ACE

Dan Morgan
Monopoly: Shifty business dealings in New Jersey.
Sorry: Insincere apologies making everyone sound like a complete asshole.
Risk: Destroying the whole world with constant incessant war during the era of black powder warfare.
Checkers: Yeah, it's genocide.
Trivial Pursuit: Rewarding vacuous pop culture knowledge.
Clue: Murder Simulator: 1949 .
Chutes and Ladders: The terror of being damned to hell.
Life: The game of the class enemy!
Scrabble: Teaching everyone that they too are a shitty speller.
Chess: The horrors of battle.

Yeesh, coming up with all that took some work. These are good games although I think sorry and chutes and ladders skews to young. I was also surprised to find out Sorry is based on Parcheesi as I've never played the later. Thanks for the video.

Comment from : Dan Morgan

Gabriel Caballero
What about card games? Do a video on them!
Comment from : Gabriel Caballero

Humanoid Puggle
Risk is probably the best on here, long games longer than monopoly requires patience and focus. 👍🏿
Comment from : Humanoid Puggle

Bilderberg haha nice reference there to the globalists.
Comment from : thingyee1118

cody gutierrez
Nice Job
Comment from : cody gutierrez

Great list! Can't forget a deck of cards though. I keep one in my edc bag. I use the Bicycle Prestige line. They are plastic, so they are very durable.
Comment from : ProFreedom556

Recently discovered it's awesome! Highly recommended!
Comment from : KungFuTweety1

Corsair Trainers
Like your list.
Comment from : Corsair Trainers

OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👊🏽 the Bilderberg Group, OMG #Breathe I'm dying over here.
Comment from : PrepperAgenda

AWESOME Topic! garage sales and flea markets are the perfect places to shop for board games. Entertainment is a MUST have prep to maintain your sanity during the Great Reset that's coming!
Comment from : PrepperAgenda

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