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Phil UP6903
I am sure if I was a casino I wouldn't want to give away so much money and I'd forget these loose machines. yah I know they are probably set loose so one can experience the bonus features but heck, let's be truthful. Tell us how tight these machines can be turned to rip us off.
Comment from : Phil UP6903

This is really interesting and I have seen some of them in my local casinos. But keep in mind that these 1 cent machines with 50 to 100 lines would have been
considered high limit slots when video slots first were introduced to players. And if you don't or can't play max bet not all the features are available. The only winners here are the casinos.

Comment from : maskbear54

Jean Belfry
Brian r u aloud to give yourself a bonus?
Comment from : Jean Belfry

Lon Dorsey On Business & Law Radio Talk Show
Stop saying OMG SO MUCH.
Comment from : Lon Dorsey On Business & Law Radio Talk Show

Cristy Welch FAM/Tootsieroll
Great wins Brian! Good luck😍
Comment from : Cristy Welch FAM/Tootsieroll

Rick Stein
You sound like ed bassmaster.. Would you look at this
Comment from : Rick Stein

angel cordova
The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) is a convention for Indian leaders and people interested in Indian Gaming from all over Indian country!
Comment from : angel cordova

angel cordova
I was their at NIGA!
Comment from : angel cordova

Campy & Deweys Mommy
So over all these Asian type machines & the lighting/lava link machines. So boring!
Comment from : Campy & Deweys Mommy

Awesome New Games thanks for Sharing
Comment from : PENNY WILLIAMS

Jennifer Hood
Too bad none of those bonuses would occur with "real money".
Comment from : Jennifer Hood

Half these games are 2018 games for Aus 😂
Comment from : joe13LP

Mark Leneker
If only the demos worked like that in real life lol.
Comment from : Mark Leneker

Drew Messmann
Sweet Tweet
Comment from : Drew Messmann

Pokies Love
Hi man, how come you down to 27k subs...? It used to be 157k I guess... anyways you are good man and one of the best slot channels!!
Comment from : Pokies Love

michael kane
Sounds like benny hil
Comment from : michael kane

Yvette Romero
You make it look easy... NOT FOR ME
Comment from : Yvette Romero

J. B.
I enjoyed this awesome premier slot video
Comment from : J. B.

Bryant when are the new games coming out and what casino ibwould love to play the new heidi
Comment from : Teddy

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

Beth Simpson
sweet TWEET not treat lol
Comment from : Beth Simpson

Barrie Yancey
Wait what?? You had $52,000 on your ticket?? Am I seeing things lol??
Comment from : Barrie Yancey

Annette Melero
Love this!!! Fortune link is already at my LC, as of last month and already hates me 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Annette Melero

Lone Wolf
strange when you are in demo mode you have always the bonus ....
Comment from : Lone Wolf

Dave C
Had my hopes up for some real new creative games...But most of these seem to be just upgrades of previous games.
Left me disappointed.

Comment from : Dave C

Monica Sanders
Terrible name for the convention. 👎🏽 I don’t care how it’s pronounced you should have thought about that before posting this video.
Comment from : Monica Sanders

Nancy Green
Wish the slots were that loose in real life!
Comment from : Nancy Green

Mark Nelson
Looks like a new costume
Comment from : Mark Nelson

Bird Hater
People who design slot machines are so creative! Can’t wait to play them.
Comment from : Bird Hater

GC Slots
Omg!!!!! The leprechaun flossing was my absolute fave 😂😂😂
Comment from : GC Slots

Meg Road
Thank you. Bri’ for sharing these new slot games. Really Awesome to see!
Comment from : Meg Road

Debby S
Lucky U to be able to play the new games. Thank U for showing them to us. Can't wait 4 their release.
Comment from : Debby S

Meg Road
Heidi & Hanna looks Super!
Comment from : Meg Road

Wendy G
Sweet Tweet is great for Easter
Comment from : Wendy G

Wendy G
Dancing Drums Explosion is a winner
Comment from : Wendy G

Meg Road
Comment from : Meg Road

Meg Road
Good Morning Brian, This Looks Smoking Hot! Love the Graphics!
Comment from : Meg Road

Ann marie Pelrine
I like it! I like it!,
Comment from : Ann marie Pelrine

Anthoney King
OMG Great Vlog Brian thank you for your look at the new games
Comment from : Anthoney King

William Baker
Sorry, I gave this video a thumbs down mainly because it is TOO LONG. Your choice of course but maybe break it up a bit.
Comment from : William Baker

Patti Smith
Some great new games . Exciting. ❤️
Comment from : Patti Smith

Ugly Dude
Comment from : Ugly Dude

greg drake
Did you actually win any money ?,or did they just let you play to test the games out
Comment from : greg drake

The World According to Jim
Comment from : The World According to Jim

David Kephart
I might play half of those. Why can't we get One decent Wrestling Slot Machine??? Good to see a New Monopoly game is coming out...
Comment from : David Kephart

Alastair Kendall
A kid in a candy store comes to mind!
Comment from : Alastair Kendall

Beth Glenn
Nice new games
Comment from : Beth Glenn

Aung Aung
It's best to watch without sound.
Comment from : Aung Aung

Cheese Head
Comment from : Cheese Head

Rena Birchfield
Really Cool You lined it Up
Comment from : Rena Birchfield

Kevin Stamper
The moment I saw the convention on local news a month ago I thought of BC. Line it up!
Comment from : Kevin Stamper

Kevin Stamper
Am I the only one who finds Konami games uncreative?
Comment from : Kevin Stamper

James McBreen
That could be the most offensive name to a convention ever
Comment from : James McBreen

M S. B R A N D Y
Wowza Schnauza....Mother, Father, Sister, Brother... exciiiiiiiiiiiiii-ting!!! 🙌 🙌 I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for a few of these!! Fun fun fun!😃 Thanks Brian!👍
Comment from : M S. B R A N D Y

Tina Marie Diaries
Man you are so busy lol. Thanks for this vid! Can’t wait to play☺️
Comment from : Tina Marie Diaries

sandy baum
Exciting! Can't wait to see them come to my casino
Comment from : sandy baum

So much fun Brian thank you! Any new lightning link games?
Comment from : IVY DICKINSON

x zol
sounds racist
Comment from : x zol

deborah perryman
Thanks for the introduction to the new games, I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing
Comment from : deborah perryman

Dragon Zap wins most addictive graphics award 🏆
Comment from : Lostmunkey

Heidi looked super impressed while Hanna was like "ehhh Ive seen bigger" 😂😂😂
Comment from : Lostmunkey

Mark Aguirre
NIGA?? You can't be serious........ NOBODY questioned this when they were naming the convention? HAHAHA
Comment from : Mark Aguirre

You know it's a demo when you actually win !
Comment from : imaimashii1

These look like really fun. Thanks Brian 🥰🥰🥰
Comment from : hadjn2

Those look like fun new games coming
Comment from : JustLikeMe66

Sallie Wright
Love you Brian! Thank you for being so awesome! Much love from Alaska!!
Comment from : Sallie Wright

james jenicek
I love those sisters.
Comment from : james jenicek

Jennifer Nguyen
Hey !! How's my Christopher??
Comment from : Jennifer Nguyen

Desmond Castro
Ultimate spin poker, by suggestion !😊
Comment from : Desmond Castro

Robin Dent
Hello from Fayetteville, GA. Excited to see new slots. Good luck tonight!🍀
Comment from : Robin Dent

Randy Cherry
I hope there is at least 3 that are old 3 reel style
Comment from : Randy Cherry

Happy Hump Day Brian! Enjoy your vids.💸💰🎰
Comment from : SuperQueenBee45

I was hoping for a "grand" premier 😪
Comment from : Lostmunkey

Juan Bran

Comment from : Juan Bran

Stay Positive
❤️❤️New slots!!🎉🎉
Let’s hope they’re good ones!!

Comment from : Stay Positive

Alvin Harper
Line it up
Comment from : Alvin Harper

K Bob
Good luck!!!
Comment from : K Bob

Shelly Covington
Line It UP!!! Lets see some Hand Pays! May the Slot Gods Be With YOU!!
Comment from : Shelly Covington

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